Jun 06, 2015 - Sep 20, 2015

Emerging presents images by more than 90 emerging photographers from around the world who bring a fresh perspective and creative techniques to professional photography. The exhibit explores how a new generation of photographers examines a variety of topics, from the personal to the global: youth culture, family, the environment, economic uncertainty, conflict and civil unrest, and the nature of the photographic image.

Emerging was organized in partnership with Photo District News (PDN), the award-winning publication for professional photographers. The exhibit is comprised of works from photographers who have been featured in “PDN’s 30,” Photo District News’ annual selection of 30 emerging photographers who represent a range of styles and genres and have demonstrated a distinctive vision, creativity, and versatility. The photographers in Emerging come from 30 countries and while all are still relatively new to professional photography, many have already earned prestigious accolades.

In addition to nearly 100 prints, the exhibition will include videos, multimedia pieces, self-published books, zines and a changing slideshow of images posted on social media illustrating the many ways emerging photographers have shown and shared their work. Emerging will also feature an original short documentary film that profiles ten photographers who have been featured in PDN’s 30: Corey Arnold, Olivia Bee, Peter DiCampo, Pari Dukovic, JUCO, Dina Litovsky, Diana Markosian, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Katie Orlinsky and Marcus Smith.

The exhibition is guest curated by PDN leadership: Editor in Chief, Holly Stuart Hughes; Senior Editor, Conor Risch; Photo Editor, Amy Wolff; Executive Editor, David Walker and Creative Director, Darren Ching.

Emerging was also featured at Westfield Century City, Los Angeles, CA

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