From renowned legends to emerging talent, learn more about the photographers who have shared their images at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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Binh Danh

For the past 3 years, Binh Danh has been making daguerreotypes of a memorial site called “The Crosses of Lafayette,” in Lafayette, California.

BJ Perlmutt

Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who—most recently—directed, produced and edited the feature-length documentary Havana Motor Club for Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Bjoern Lauen

Bjoern Lauen has been involved in photography for the last 20 years.

Bob Gruen

Bob Gruen has captured the music scene for over forty years in photographs that have gained worldwide recognition.

Bob Scott

Bob Scott has been shooting photgraphy for over 20 years.

Bobbi Fabian

Bobbi Fabian’s work has been collected internationally and exhibited in the United States and Australia.

Bonnie Folkins

Bonnie Folkins is an accomplished artist with over 50 solo exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Portugal, as well as hundreds of paintings in permanent collections all over North America.

Bonny Pierce Lhotka

Bonny Pierce Lhotka has made a name for herself by printing her compelling work on extraordinary surfaces, from glass to acrylic to aluminum, and even on more experimental surfaces such as drywall, bamboo and rusty tin.

Brad Carlile

Tempus Incognitus is Brad Carlile’s series of photographs depicting hotel rooms in which time and space fade into one another.

Brad Mangin

Brad Mangin is a freelance sports photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area where he regularly shoot assignments for Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball Photos.

Brandon Keith Osborn

Los Angeles based photographer and videographer, Brandon Keith Osborn enjoys many aspects of working with the lens.

Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton first began Humans of New York in the summer of 2010. His goal was to create a catalogue of New York City’s diverse inhabitant through a series of 10,000 portraits.

Brantley Gutierrez

Brantley Gutierrez is a director and portrait photographer based in Venice beach, CA and Brooklyn , NY.

Brenda Ann Kenneally

Brenda Ann Kenneally is a mother and an independent journalist who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Brent Lewin

His work has largely focused on the struggle to preserve traditional cultural identity in the face of globalization.

Brent Stirton

Brent Stirton is a senior staff photographer for Reportage by Getty Images, New York. He specializes in documentary work and is known for his alternative approaches.

Brett Van Ort

For the past several years, Brett Van Ort has been photographing landscapes that are, on the surface, pristine, natural, and seemingly unaffected but in reality harbor a hidden danger.

Brian L. Frank

A San Francisco native, Brian L. Frank studied photojournalism at San Francisco State University.

Brian Bowen Smith

Brian Bowen Smith was born and raised in New York and became a professional photographer after working as an assistant to Herb Ritts.

Brian Bielmann

Brian Bielmann lives in Hawaii. His work takes him around the world to the most beautiful locations.