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Nicole and Wayne Maines: Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

Wayne and Nicole Maines discuss Nicole's legal battles for transgender rights and her ongoing efforts to help future LGBT students and adults gain total equality across the nation.

Nicole and Wayne Maines: Inside Iris Nights

Nicole and Wayne Maines sit down for an enlightening discussion about The Trans List, gender identity and Nicole's battle for transgender rights.

Bamby Salcedo: Transforming Transgender

Bamby Salcedo discusses the strides made by the trans community in changing societal attitudes as well as the important work yet to be done.

Buck Angel: Bucking the System

Buck Angel shares his moving life story and discusses the process of his gender transition from female to male, while challenging notions of what makes someone a man or a woman.

Wazina Zondon: Coming Out Muslim: Reflections and Observations as an American Insider/Outsider

Wazina Zondon discusses her work and her experiences as a queer Muslim woman raised in New York City.

Beverly Johnson: The Face That Changed It All

Beverly Johnson discusses her pioneering career in fashion and business.

Ruddy Roye: When Living is a Protest

Ruddy Roye discusses his career in environmental portraits and photojournalism.

Art Streiber: How It Happens

Art Streiber presents a look behind the scenes at some of his more complex editorial shoots for magazines such as ESPN, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times Magazine.

Nick Adams: Transgender Stories - The Changing Media Landscape

Nick Adams discusses his experiences as a transgender man working with Hollywood to create more authentic portrayals of transgender people.

Alok Vaid-Menon: Gender Selfie-Determination

Alok Vaid-Menon discusses the stakes of visual representation for trans and gender non-conforming people.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: Thoughts on Photography and Film

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders discusses the overarching themes of his work and other aspects of his life and career.

Meridith Kohut: Migration

Meridith Kohut discusses her work as a photographer, including her travels throughout Latin America covering refugee and migration issues.