Donna Ferrato & Nona Willis Aronowitz: From Behind Closed Doors to #MeToo

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Lecture Date: July 26, 2018

Donna Ferrato is a woman and a photographer whose work is about sex, violence, love, and how she sees women, their complexity, their politics, their public and private lives, and their struggle to come into their own power. Nona Willis Aronowitz is an author and editor whose work covers similar subjects of women, sexual politics, and the state of young feminism across the United States. In this far-ranging and thought-provoking conversation, they used Ferrato’s work—from her most well-known documentation of domestic abuse to her studies of women taking control of their own sexuality—as a platform for tracing the progress of women’s agency. Click here to watch the full conversation.


Donna Ferrato
Donna Ferrato

Donna Ferrato is a documentary photographer from Lorain, Ohio. She has published four books including Living with the Enemy and Love & Lust; as well as participating in over 500 one-woman shows internationally. Ferrato has received awards such as the W. Eugene Smith Grant (1986) and the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Humanistic…

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Nona Willis Aronowitz
Nona Willis Aronowitz

Nona Willis Aronowitz is an author and editor who writes about women, sex, politics, and the economy. She is the features editor for Splinter and her work has appeared in The New York Times, the Washington Post, New York magazine, The Guardian, Playboy, and Rookie, among many others. In the past, she’s worked…

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