Ami Vitale: One Village, Thirteen Elephants and the Moon

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Lecture Date: Dec 13, 2018

After more than a decade covering conflict, photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale noticed that the less sensational, but equally true stories were not getting told—the wedding happening around the corner from the revolution, or the small triumphs amidst seemingly endless devastation. Vitale argues that “you can’t talk about humanity without talking about nature.” This idea informed Vitale’s Iris Nights lecture, chronicling her journey from documenting warzones to telling some of the most compelling wildlife and environmental stories of our time—those where individuals make a profound difference in the future of their communities and this planet.



Ami Vitale
Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale‘s journey as a photographer, writer, and filmmaker has taken her to over 100 countries where she has witnessed civil unrest and violence, but also surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit. She has lived in mud huts and war zones, contracted malaria, and donned a panda suit—all in…

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The National Geographic Photo Ark, led by photographer Joel Sartore, reflects an effort to document every species living in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries in order to motivate action through education.


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