Casual Conversations: Firooz Zahedi and Susan White

Virtual Event on June 24, 2020

Former Vanity Fair Photography Director Susan White speaks with the renowned photographer Firooz Zahedi in a virtual discussion conducted on Zoom.


Firooz Zahedi
Firooz Zahedi

Firooz Zahedi’s family moved from his birthplace in Tehran, Iran to England where he received his secondary education. In 1969, he came to the United States to attend the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. After a brief career as a diplomat in Washington, D.C., he went on to attend the Corcoran…

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In this arresting and iconic exhibition – curated by Vanity Fair’s creative development editor David Friend, and the magazine’s former director of photography Susan White – Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling features photographic portraiture and multimedia installations that capture the magic and glamour of the film and television industry’s major players from the last four decades.


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