JUCO: Inside Iris Nights

Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud discuss working together as a photography team, how their commercial work differs from their personal work and the advice they would give to young photographers.

JUCO: Graduating to the Working World

Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud discuss their different transitions into the world of professional photography.

Zun Lee: Inside Iris Nights

Zun Lee discusses combating stereotypes, his Father Figure project and how he tackles street photography.

Olivia Bee: Inside Iris Nights

Olivia Bee talks about being a young photographer, her influences, her creative process and the importance of social media.

Zun Lee: Father Figure

For this acclaimed project, photographer Zun Lee used his personal journey of discovery and identity formation to examine manifestations of black fatherhood largely ignored by mainstream media.

Olivia Bee: Making Art You Want To Make

Olivia Bee shares her advice on expediting success in photography without compromising creativity.

Ilvy Njiokiktjien: Inside Iris Nights

Ilvy Njiokiktjien discusses her early days as a photographer and the style she has developed over the years.

Ilvy Njiokiktjien: Born Free Generation

Ilvy Njiokiktjien discusses her work from Africa, with a focus on various youth groups that she photographed.

Dina Litovsky: Our Social Selves / All The World a Digital Stage

Dina Litovsky presents three recent bodies of work that examine social performances, contemporary rituals and group interactions.

Lauren Dukoff: A Collaborative Path

Lauren Dukoff shares the story behind her evolution as a photographer, focusing on the collaborative path she took and the inspirations that shaped her body of work.

Country: Portraits of An American Sound: Feature Documentary Clips

Feature documentary Country: Portraits of an American Sound explores the genre of country music as captured through the lens of photography for over 80 years.

Balazs Gardi: Inside Iris Nights

Balazs Gardi discusses the most life-threatening environmental crisis mankind has ever faced.