Annenberg Space for Photography Documentaries Airing on Ovation TV


The Annenberg Foundation is excited to announce that documentaries from previous Annenberg Space for Photography exhibits will be featured on Ovation TV! From November 12 through November 19, you’ll be able to catch these award-winning explorations of powerful photography both live and on-demand through the Ovation TV app. We hope you enjoy revisiting these incredible pieces and continuing to celebrate the power of photography:


From the Annenberg Space for Photography’s Not an Ostrich: And Other Images from America’s Library exhibit, America’s Library features interviews with exhibit photographers, historians, authors, political figures, and civil rights leaders, along with inside access to the Library of Congress.


Directed by renowned documentary director, Lauren Greenfield, Beauty CULTure investigates our obsession with beauty and the influence of photographic representations on female body image. Film subjects hail from diverse points on the beauty landscape.


Country: Portraits of an American Sound explores the image of country music and its evolution over 80 years, highlighting photography’s role in documenting the history and capturing the culture of this uniquely American sound. The film features photographers Henry Diltz, Henry Horenstein, Les Leverett, David McClister, and more.


Digital Darkroom explores the intersection of art and technology by examining the work of master artists who harness digital tools to alter reality. They push creative and technological boundaries to share their imaginations, redefining photography along the way.


Created in partnership with Photo District News (PDN)Emerging profiles ten groundbreaking photographers who have been featured in PDN’s 30: Corey Arnold, Olivia Bee, Peter DiCampo, Pari Dukovic, JUCO, Dina Litovsky, Diana Markosian, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Katie Orlinsky, and Marcus Smith.


A group of photographers recount their adventures creating stunning still images in some of the most remote locations on Earth, including Antarctica. Extreme Exposure explores the extreme nature of their photography, from the physical extremes of hostile environments to the extreme passion they share for preserving the natural world.


Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE takes viewers on a journey through time via the remarkable images and story of renowned photographer Frans Lanting’s The LIFE Project, while recounting Lanting’s own evolution from wildlife photographer to visual chronicler of life on Earth.


GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield examines the influence of affluence over the last 25 years, illustrating the globalization of materialism, celebrity culture, and social status, while exploring how “keeping up with the Joneses” has become Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

L Sangeles

L8S ANG3LES features images from eight Los Angeles-based photographers in the genres of fine art, architecture, documentary, fashion, photojournalism, and celebrity portraits, as well as work from three Los Angeles Times staff photographers depicting life in the city.


No Strangers celebrates the wonder of world culture and the plight of indigenous people through the images and commentary of acclaimed photographers. The film examines antiquated notions of the so-called “other,” encouraging viewers to consider all traditions, languages and cultures in a new, enlightened context.


A testimony to the prowess of 2008’s photojournalists and the complexity of the global age, POYi 66 reveals the conflicted ethos of our civilization with themes ranging from degradation to personal achievement, community to isolation, and human creation to the inexplicable wonders of nature.


POYi 67 explores the very best documentary photography of 2009 from winning photojournalists and visual editors in Pictures of the Year, with themes such as human conflict and interaction, our relationship with the environment, how we appraise our economic status and the range of human emotions from intense joy to sorrow.


Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Cate Blanchett, REFUGEE follows five internationally-acclaimed photographers – Lynsey Addario, Omar Victor Diop, Graciela Iturbide, Martin Schoeller, and Tom Stoddart – commissioned by the Annenberg Foundation to shoot pictures documenting the lives of displaced people on five continents.


Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change visualizes the issues and solutions surrounding architecture in a time of climate change and rising sea levels, examining the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, discussing design philosophies in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and experiencing resilient design.


SPORT: Iooss and Leifer examines the work of two photographers whose work transcends their genre – the oeuvre of sports photography. Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer’s work offer a dialogue not just about winning and losing, but all that it means to be human.


Complex, challenging, and immersive, W|ALLS: Defend, Divide, and the Divine is a historical look at civilization’s relationship with barriers, both real and imagined. For centuries, across diverse civilizations, walls have been central to human history.


The War Photographers recounts the personal experiences of award-winning photojournalists who risk their lives covering conflict in the world’s most dangerous war zones. Intimate interviews and gripping imagery reveal stories of sacrifice, courage and the emotional toll endured by photographers and their subjects. 


The world’s fresh water crisis is examined by National Geographic photographers in a visually arresting study of our planet’s dwindling water supply. WATER: Our Thirsty World presents this exploration from environmental, social, political, and cultural perspectives across the globe.