Our Thirsty World
Mar 27, 2010 - Jun 13, 2010

WATER: Our Thirsty World was held in partnership with National Geographic magazine. The exhibit coincided with the release of National Geographic’s April 2010 issue on the precarious state of the world’s fresh water. WATER: Our Thirsty World examined the local and global challenges of our planet’s fresh water resources captured by a selection of National Geographic’s finest award-winning photographers. The digital and print images highlighted the significance of fresh water in our lives and how the diminishment of this precious resource impacts local and worldwide communities. A digital film presentation expanded the visitor experience by offering hundreds more National Geographic images and shared insights from photographers.

Specific themes presented in the exhibit followed six major features of National Geographic’s WATER: Our Thirsty World issue. These themes included “Sacred Waters,” looking at humankind’s inspirational relationship with water and celebrating how precious this resource is to all life on the planet; “The Big Melt,” examining the environmental challenges of Tibet’s freshwater resource, on which two billion people depend; “Parting the Waters,” showing how countries are working together to adapt to the drastic reduction in water levels in the Jordan river basin; “The Burden of Thirst,” presenting issues facing African women and children who are responsible for delivering the freshwater needs for their families; “California’s Pipe Dream,” surveying California’s vast water infrastructure, thirsty crops, rampant development and threats to the fragile Sacramento Delta; and “Silent Streams,” looking at the challenges facing freshwater species and how scientists hope to save them.

WATER: Our Thirsty World, was also featured at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA.


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