Ted Grudowski, Mike Pucher and Christopher Schneberger

Three Views on 3D


Aired On: FEB 16, 2012

Ted Grudowski, Mike Pucher and Christopher Schneberger speak about 3D photography and the role that digital technology plays in their imagery.


Ted Grudowski

Ted Grudowski has been working with 3D photography for nearly 25 years. He has exhibited around the Pacific Northwest at places such as the San Juan Island Museum of Art, Sea-Tac International Airport and the 3D Center of Art & Photography in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his 3D work, his photo credits include several book covers, coverage of U2's 1997 PopMart Tour...

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Mike Pucher

Inspired by classic still life photography, Mike Pucher uses 3D photography as a way to explore composition and influence the viewer's experience. After earning a B.A. in Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography, he moved to Irvine, California. In his emerging career as a commercial photographer, his photographs have been used by partners including Honda R&D...

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Christopher Schneberger

Christopher Schneberger is an artist/photographer in Chicago, IL. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His recent exhibitions include Dorsky Projects in New York, Geocarto International in Hong Kong, the 3D Center for Art and Photography in Portland and Printworks Gallery in Chicago. He is twice recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Individual Artist...

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