Portfolio Review and Master Class

with Larry Fink
PAST EVENT: Sat, Apr 29, 2017

“In photography, experience is the precursor – without sensation, pictures will be flat. The world is an emotional and physical place. Pictures start from trying to allow what it is to feel and be alive within their vocabulary. Their voice starts from impulse, add to that skill, structure, drama, and heart; only then might we be informed by the miracle of magical seeing.” Larry Fink

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the day with Larry Fink, a living legend of photography. In our portfolio review and master class, students are asked to bring their best work, as well as more “rough” pieces, for review by Fink and their peers. An ideal attendee is someone who comes with an open mind and a sensitive attitude towards photography, their subjects and the world (reading Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation is a plus).

What to Expect:

  • Photographers of all genres and experience levels are welcome!
  • Bring your camera, but no additional equipment is needed
  • All students are invited to participate in the communal portfolio review and have one-on-one review time with Larry Fink
  • Time permitting, some photo-taking may be incorporated into the class
  • All students will be provided lunch in a dedicated lunch period

Recommended advanced reading: Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation (Aperture)



Larry Fink
Larry Fink

“As my life gets longer, the stories within the pictures that I will show get shorter. After all, photography, though it produces images that ask questions and sometimes come to conclusions, is a very cumulative art form. Especially if the photographer is deeply engaged in depicting the evidence which history attests to of the…

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