Mark Holtzman

Aloft: Photographing at 100 MPH

Aired On: Mar 5, 2015

Mark Holtzman speaks about the challenges of photographing out of an open window at over 100 mph while piloting an aircraft in order to create striking images of natural and man-made environments and share a unique perspective of daily life in California.


Mark Holtzman
Mark Holtzman

Mark Holtzman is an American photographer based in California. His striking aerial images capture unique perspectives of life in California, including the perilous impacts of erosion on California’s beaches. Holtzman is the recipient of several awards including World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International. His work has appeared several national and international publications…

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Sink or Swim explores resilience, from adaptation for survival to ambitious infrastructure planning, in some of the world’s richest and poorest coastal communities.


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