Cuba Sin Limites

Cuba's Tech Cultural Revolution
PAST EVENT: Sat, Feb 10, 2018

Inspired by our RESOLVIENDO installation, the Annenberg Space for Photography and the New Cuba’s Jauretsi Saizarbitoria invite you to get a glimpse of the tech-culture revolution in Cuba. Learn directly from people at the forefront of this movement—both in and out of Cuba—about how Cuban youth have worked around government restrictions to get internet access and go online.

Moderated by Cuban-American curator and digital strategist Jauretsi, speakers will include Dadne Carbonell (Cuban computer systems analyst), “Dany Paquete” (a creator of El Paquete Semenal, an underground weekly distribution of pirated international content via hard drives), and Susanna Kohly (Marketing Lead, Google Cuba).


Revealing complexities both on and off the island, Cuba Is explores aspects of Cuba not easily accessed by foreigners, and sometimes not even by Cubans themselves.

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Annenberg Space for Photography's Skylight Studios
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