Sneak Preview: Going Behind W|ALLS

An Evening with Dr. Jen Sudul Edwards, Carol Guzy, and Katie Hollander
PAST EVENT: Fri, Oct 04, 2019

“The only way to tell a story about genuine moments is to walk the journey with people; to establish trust that you are there not to merely take pictures but to give an understanding of their situation to others,” says the four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Carol Guzy. Together with W|ALLS: Defend, Divide, and the Divine curator Dr. Jen Sudul Edwards and Annenberg Space for Photography Director Katie Hollander, Guzy will discuss how the exhibition’s 67 photographers have not just documented, but given a deeper understanding of the walls that have divided and defended our cities, communities, cultures and psychological spaces across the world and throughout the ages.

Having photographed walls from Berlin (as it fell in 1989) to those in Albanian refugee camps a decade later, to her present work on the U.S.-Mexico border, natural disasters in Haiti, and conflict situations in Africa, Guzy has come to understand the forces that underpin the barriers within our societies. Sudul Edwards will provide insight to the reasons of security – both physical and emotional – that cause the construction of walls, and the hearts and minds that enable their dismantling.

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Carol Guzy
Carol Guzy

Carol Guzy completed her studies to become a registered nurse when a change of heart led her to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida to study photography. She graduated in 1980 with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Photography. While at the Art Institute, she interned at the Miami Herald and…

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