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Balazs Gardi: Stories From the Water Front

Balazs Gardi shares the stories he has encountered in the past decade while tracking how profoundly water has affected people's lives.

Balazs Gardi: Inside Iris Nights

Balazs Gardi discusses the most life-threatening environmental crisis mankind has ever faced.

Kip Evans: Our Oceans 20 Years From Now

Kip Evans speaks about the changes he has seen in our oceans during his 30+ years of documentary-photography exploration, including a recent 17-day underwater assignment as an aquanaut with Mission 31.

Kip Evans: Inside Iris Nights

Kip Evans talks about his life as a documentary photographer and living underwater.

Hadley and Peter Arnold: Divining Los Angeles: Adaptation By Design

Using landscape photography from across the west and experimental geospatial modeling tools for metropolitan Los Angeles, Hadley and Peter Arnold explore promising possibilities for how humans can adapt to climate extremes in the 21st century.

Country: Portraits of An American Sound: Feature Documentary Clips

Feature documentary Country: Portraits of an American Sound explores the genre of country music as captured through the lens of photography for over 80 years.

Magda Biernat: North Via South

Magda Biernat shares work from her most recent projects, including photographs taken during her year-long travels from Antarctica to Alaska, and speaks about her personal exploration into the built environment and its impact on the natural world.

Claire Harlan: Grandscapes

Claire Harlan discusses the role of architecture in her work and how manmade landmarks and natural reference points influence our own personal landscapes.

John Trotter: No Agua, No Vida: Human Alteration of the Colorado River

John Trotter discusses his photography project about the human alteration of the Colorado River, from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains to the desiccated remains of its delta above the Gulf of California.

Mia Lehrer: The Los Angeles Water Conundrum: Adaptability by Design

Mia Lehrer discusses the transformation of Los Angeles’ relationship with water, including the growing momentum surrounding the Los Angeles River and the revitalization of infrastructure.

Mark Holtzman: Aloft: Photographing at 100 MPH

Mark Holtzman speaks about the challenges of photographing out of an open window at over 100 mph while piloting an aircraft in order to create striking images of natural and man-made environments and share a unique perspective of daily life in California.

Frances Anderton: Inside Iris Nights

Frances Anderton discusses the process of curating Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change.