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Jodi Cobb: Inside Closed Worlds

Jodi Cobb retraces her groundbreaking career, including the project "The Enigma of Beauty," an exploration through 10 countries on six continents to investigate cultural notions of beauty and the science behind sexual attraction.

Claudia Kunin: Ghosts, Memories and Mirrors

Claudia Kunin discusses visual concepts of ghosts and memory, presenting images from her four bodies of work and some of her recent animations.

Michael B. Platt and Carol A. Beane: Transitions

Michael B. Platt and Carol A. Beane discuss their work and various collaborations.

Joel Grimes: The Creative Revolution

Joel Grimes discusses his body of work, including pieces featured in the Annenberg Space for Photography's Digital Darkroom.

Greg Downing and Eric Hanson: Post-Digital: Expanding the Boundaries of Photography

Greg Downing and Eric Hanson show selected works, illustrating the erosion and expansion of boundaries that digital technology affords the contemporary photographer.

Brooke Shaden: Shocking Your Mind in the Digital Age

Brooke Shaden discusses some of the tools that the digital world has given us to create the worlds we want to live in and the worlds that live inside us.

Jean-François Rauzier: Hyperphotography

Jean-François Rauzier discusses his collages, incredibly detailed recreations of reality that give rise to fantasies in which viewers can zoom and navigate around.

Douglas Prince: Evolving Vision: The Testimony of A Living Photo Fossil

Douglas Prince discusses his transition from traditional photography to digital image-making.