Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Aired On: Sep 14, 2017

In 1964, Elliott Erwitt was invited to Cuba as a guest of Fidel Castro. During that time, he captured now-famous images of Castro and Che Guevara. After the restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, Erwitt returned to the island in 2015 to document Cuban life nearly 50 years after his first visit. In this lecture he simply calls, “Personal Best,” Erwitt shows and speaks about a selection of his most favorite photographs.


Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt was born in Paris in 1928. His formative years were spent in Milan and at the age of 11 his family emigrated to Los Angeles. While attending Hollywood High School he worked in a commercial darkroom processing “signed” prints for fans of movie stars. In 1948, Erwitt met Edward Steichen, Robert…

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Revealing complexities both on and off the island, Cuba Is explores aspects of Cuba not easily accessed by foreigners, and sometimes not even by Cubans themselves.


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