From renowned legends to emerging talent, learn more about the photographers who have shared their images at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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George Hurrell

A key figure in the creation of Hollywood glamour, George Hurrell was arguably the most important still photographer in the history of American commercial film.

Georgi Licovski

European Pressphoto Agency photographer Georgi Licovski won the annual contest on Dec. 17, for a shot he took in August on the border between Greece and Macedonia.

Gerard Kingma

Gerard Kingma is an award-winning photographer from the Netherlands.

Gerd Ludwig

Award-winning National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig has captured the colossal changes since the dissolution of the Soviet Union to today.

Gerrit Vyn

Gerrit Vyn is a wildlife and conservation photograher based in Seattle, Washington.

Gianfranco Tripodo

Gianfranco Tripodo is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Madrid, Spain. The focus of his work is around the theme of migration and identity.

Gil Garcetti

Many people remember Gil Garcetti as the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Much of his life, however, has been as an urban photographer.

Giles Duley

Photographer Giles Duley launched “Legacy of War,” a three-year project documenting the long-term impact of war on communities around the world.

Gilles Bensimon

Gilles Bensimon is a French fashion photographer and the former International Creative Director of Elle magazine.

Gillian Laub

Gillian Laub is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York.

Giselle Fernández

Giselle Fernández is a five-time Emmy Award-winning Mexican American journalist, producer, entrepreneur and filmmaker.

Giulio Piscitelli

Giulio Piscitelli, after received a degree in Communication Studies, aproaches to photography in 2008 and after graduation began working with some Italian and foreign news agencies.


GODLIS documented the early punk scene at CBGB’s from 1976-1979.

Gordon Wiltsie

Gordon Wiltsie grew up in Bishop, California, a mountain town nestled between the Sierra and White Mountains. By his late teens Wiltsie was an accomplished mountaineer, climber, and budding photographer.

Goseong Choi

Goseong Choi’s work has been exhibited at several museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the New Mexico Museum of Art

Graciela Iturbide

Graciela Iturbide has been a member of the Mexican Salon of Plastic Arts, the Foundation of Contemporary Arts and the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte.

Gratiane Moustier

Gratiane de Moustier is a French award winning documentary photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Greg Downing & Eric Hanson

Greg Downing specializes in image-based 3D technologies and computational photography techniques. Eric Hanson is a visual effects designer specializing in the creation of digital environments.

Greg Girard

Greg Girard has been taking photographs in Asia since 1974.

Greg Gorman

For four decades, Greg Gorman has photographed celebrities in his signature black and white style.