From renowned legends to emerging talent, learn more about the photographers who have shared their images at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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Claudia Gonzàlez

Claudia González is a photographer and exhibition coordinator whose most recent on-going project, Reassign, is centered on transgender men and women living in Cuba.

Claudio Contreras Koob

Claudio Contreras Koob studied biology in Mexico’s University, and work as a full time nature photographer specializing in conservation related issues all over Mexico.

Clay Lipsky

Clay Lipsky is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, California.

Clementine Malpas

Filmmaker Clementine Malpas has spent much of her career focusing on refugees and women’s rights.

Clyde Butcher

Clyde Butcher’s photographs explore his personal relationship with the environment.

Codi Barbini

Codi Barbini is a fourth year fine art major at CalArts, with a focus on Photography and a minor in writing.

Cole Barash

With an organic approach to film photography and a clever eye for composition, Cole Barash’s portraiture and still lifes became known for their candid and spontaneous sense of intimacy.

Colin Finlay

One of the world’s foremost documentary photographers, Colin Finlay has been awarded the prestigious Picture of the Year International (POYi) honor six times.

Connie Imboden

Connie Imboden has spent more than 30 years using photography to examine, distort and redefine the human body.

Connie Bransilver

Connie Bransilver has been a professional conservation photographer and writer for 25 years.

Connor Stefanison

Connor Stefanison’s photography draws from the knowledge gained throughout his life engaging in various outdoor activities.

Corey Arnold

He works as a photographer and seasonal commercial fisherman in Alaska.

Cory Richards

A climber and visual storyteller, Cory Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012.

Cracker Farm

Cracker Farm has been working professionally in the photo business since 2001.

Craig Aurness

The adopted son of James Arness, Craig Aurness grew up on a ranch in Southern California. In the 1970s, he apprenticed with Look magazine photographer Earl Tyson.

Craig Golding

Craig Golding commenced work at the Sydney Morning Herald in 1985. As with all photographers working for newspapers in Australia at that time, he covered all areas of photography for the paper such as news, sport and the arts.

Craig Walker

Craig F. Walker is an American photojournalist. In 2010, Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

Cyril Christo & Marie Wilkinson

Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson work together documenting relationships between indigenous people and natural world.

Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini fell in love with Antarctica on her first trip in 1997, and has since spent most of her time photographing Polar Regions.

Damon Casarez

Damon Casarez is a Los Angeles based documentary and portrait photographer who grew up in the Southern California suburb of Diamond Bar.