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PAST EVENT: Sat, Apr 18, 2020

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#ZINESonZOOM traces the history of zines from the 1930s to the present and make your own zine using a variety of printed materials gathered from around your home. As Printed Matter’s 2020 LA Art Book Fair took place virtually this year, the Photo Space in partnership with Art Life Practice also transforms its Zine-Making Workshop into a virtual all-ages activity from the comforts of home!

Zines are often defined as self-published, small-circulation magazines that document the happenings of a subculture or niche topics. While Vanity Fair is a mass-produced publication with a wide circulation and zines are self-published and made in small batches, both have the ability to shape culture in meaningful ways. As digital media has escalated at an astonishing rate, there has been a resurgence of public interest in independently published printed materials. This workshop aims to offer attendees the distinct pleasure of creating a work of art that is unique to each individual in a multitude of ways: through narrative, content, design and more!

By registering for this workshop, participants will…

  • Receive a separate email including a Zine-on-Zines PDF, with step-by-step instructions about how to scavenge for materials around their home for their very own zine, as well as instructions on how to access the ZOOM workshop;
  • Identify what a zine is, and compare/contrast the art-form with magazines, newspapers, and other publications;
  • Learn about the history of zine making;
  • Experiment and explore with a variety of mixed media and processes which support meaningful investigation and expression;
  • Be challenged to reflect and respond to themselves and their world of experiences throughout the zine-making process;
  • Identify how to express themselves creatively among their peers and community.

This workshop is for all ages, and can be a fun weekend activity for adults, both young and old, whether as partners, roommates, or parents with kids.

Art Life Practice (ALP) is a platform for creative expression, founded in order to foster a more nourished and contented society. Backed by mounting scientific evidence that participating in creative behaviors can improve mental and physical health, increase joyfulness, and make us more productive and fulfilled – both personally and professionally – Art Life Practice combines art history and art-making in an accessible, experimental atmosphere. Hosted at unique settings throughout Los Angeles, each workshop – equal parts learning and creating – encompasses a specific creative process or art movement.

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In this arresting and iconic exhibition – curated by Vanity Fair’s creative development editor David Friend, and the magazine’s former director of photography Susan White – Vanity Fair: Hollywood Calling features photographic portraiture and multimedia installations that capture the magic and glamour of the film and television industry’s major players from the last four decades.

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