Larry Fink: Within Yin and Yang: The Big Bang Theory of Visual, Emotional Organization

Iris Nights Lecture Series
PAST EVENT: Thu, Apr 27, 2017

Larry Fink will discuss his wide range of experiences with his ever-inquisitive camera, documenting the lives of “the rich and poor, the jerks and the saints, the happy and the sad.”


Larry Fink
Larry Fink

“As my life gets longer, the stories within the pictures that I will show get shorter. After all, photography, though it produces images that ask questions and sometimes come to conclusions, is a very cumulative art form. Especially if the photographer is deeply engaged in depicting the evidence which history attests to of the…

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GENERATION WEALTH by Lauren Greenfield weaves two-and-a-half decades of work into an epic narrative that charts our growing obsession with wealth.

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