Upcoming Events

Explore a variety of public programming at the Annenberg Space for Photography and Skylight Studios, often featuring expert photographers and other notable guests.

15 Things You Can Do to Get Represented by a Gallery

A Lecture by Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller hosts a seminar for upcoming artists on developing their careers, understanding the business of selling their artwork and gaining gallery representation.

Beverly Johnson: The Face That Changed It All

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Beverly Johnson discusses her pioneering career in fashion and business.

Two-Day Documentary Photography Workshop

with Jon Lowenstein

Postcards from Ferguson photographer Jon Lowenstein teaches a hands-on workshop on alternative approaches to photography.

Wazina Zondon: Coming Out Muslim: Reflections and Observations as an American Insider/Outsider

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Wazina Zondon discusses her work and her experiences as a queer Muslim woman raised in New York City.

Nely Galán: Self Made

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Nely Galán discusses her efforts to ignite the “Self Made” movement, uniting all women on a quest for an economic future they control.

Buck Angel: Bucking the System

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Buck Angel shares his moving life story and discusses the process of his gender transition from female to male, while challenging notions of what makes someone a man or a woman.

Zine-Making Crash Course

with Kate Bingaman-Burt

Join us for a crash course in zine-making led by illustrator and educator Kate Bingaman-Burt, who is also a panelist later in the evening at our female illustrators panel, Work it Girl.

Work It, Girl: Female Illustrators Panel

with Ann Shen, Emily McDowell and Kate Bingaman-Burt

Three incredible artists, Ann Shen, Emily McDowell and Kate Bingaman-Burt, come together for a panel discussion that focuses on female illustrators.

Cameras and Dancers

Photography Field Trip

Inspired by his popular photography Instameets, Jacob Jonas hosts a hands-on workshop for photographers to create visual content of dance performances.

Bamby Saceldo: Transforming Transgender

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Bamby Salcedo discusses the strides made by the trans community in changing societal attitudes as well as the important work yet to be done.

Nicole and Wayne Maines: Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Wayne and Nicole Maines will discuss her legal battles for transgender rights and her ongoing efforts to help future LGBT students and adults gain total equality across the nation.

Thelma Golden: Iris Nights

Iris Nights Lecture Series

Thelma Golden discusses her life and career in the art world as well as her work with the White House.