Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte & Tico Torres: Two Cubans and a Camera

Iris Nights Lecture Series
PAST EVENT: Thu, Dec 14, 2017

Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte and his husband, Tico Torres, have worked together for over 30 years. They will discuss the “Cubanidad” (or “Cuban-ness”) that is reflected in their photos and how, as Cuban-Americans, they’ve never forgotten their Cuban roots, even while being raised in the United States. They will show and discuss images from their ongoing project of nearly 24 years, Cuba Out of Cuba, their documentation of the Cuban diaspora as they live and thrive outside the island.


Alexis Rodríguez-Duarte and Tico Torres have been documenting the Cuban diaspora since 1993 for a portrait series entitled, Cuba Out of Cuba. The Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery now has a portfolio of 18 portraits from the Cuba Out of Cuba series in their permanent collection. Torres, a fashion stylist who is a master of...

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