Advanced Photography Workshop with National Geographic's Gerd Ludwig

Emerging Experience
PAST EVENT: Sun, Jun 28, 2015

These lecture-based workshops are meant for all levels of photographers, amateurs, and photography enthusiasts. Even emerging professionals will benefit. Using his photographs from National Geographic assignments worldwide, and centering on his food truck assignment as a practical example, Gerd Ludwig will teach participants how to make engaging and memorable photographs of everyday life, giving advice that can be applied anywhere around the world. His approaches when photographing National Geographic assignments can be utilized in a variety of circumstances. Central to creating interesting images is the photographer’s ability to think outside the box, even when shooting seemingly ordinary situations. Ludwig will openly share his own photographic techniques he employs when working for National Geographic, specifically the methods he used photographing food truck food, people enjoying the trucks, and the trucks themselves. In general, he will reveal his tricks and tips to create candid, unexpected and unique images in uncontrolled environments.

Advanced Workshop: This workshop is geared towards amateur and serious photographers who are interested in taking their photography to the next level. Starting briefly with basic information similar to the beginner workshop, Luwig will add further technical instruction, such as choice of lenses, lighting and filters, including the many uses for on-and-off-camera strobes when photographing the varied situations in everyday life, using images from his previous National Geographic assignments as examples. From landscapes to nightlife, he will emphasize the importance of thinking outside the box to create more unusual, engaging, surprising and personal photographs. Approaches to using light, color, shapes, background, depth of field, and composition will be covered. Ludwig will also explain how content and composition work in unison to tell a story.
(The advanced workshop is geared towards participants with some photographic experience or a basic working knowledge of DSLR cameras. Bringing equipment is not necessary as this workshop is lecture-based, but food trucks will be on site during the day for students to purchase food and apply new techniques to their photography.)


Gerd Ludwig
Gerd Ludwig

Award-winning National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig has captured the colossal changes since the dissolution of the Soviet Union to today. His images have garnered him distinction as the world’s foremost color photographer documenting the region. From the broken empire’s legacy of environmental exploitation, to the warp-speed economic transformation of Russia, Ludwig’s work reveals…

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